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Our Features.

This turnkey solution will empower and grow your business.

With 30 years experience in the health & wellness sector we have pioneered bespoke systems for our clients ensuring look and feel with uncompromising fantastic functionality.

Our feature benefits being the creation of an integrated link between client, classes, appointments, event and course management includes payment integration.

Centralised System

Single platform SAAS. 

Single dashboard for effective management incorporates access to everything you need for day to day operations and the complexity we retain ensuring you focus on your daily tasks and your time is spent well.

Single CRM

No more exporting and importing into your marketing platform, or having to copy links to send out for zoom meeting, a streamlined infrastructure with recorded CRM ensuring you support and grow your community now also including in APP chat and push notification.

Analytics & Reports

Detailed editable reports giving you the information required to make effective business decisions. Your website is no longer just that billboard people come to for information. it is not the shopfront of your operations and the reports track and link into every aspect of the organisation.

Marketing & Design

Upload your own images or make use of the library. Templates available or start from scratch. Spending time doing layouts and outsourcing design becomes a thing of the passed with simple to navigate and easy to produce marketing materials as well as automation and cross pollination solutions - we have it all!

Diary Planner

Classes, events, appointments, courses link into staff google calendars for both in the office and online. Automated zoom links added and broadcasted to participants. Effective time management with empowered client facing APP ensures your services and products reach capacity.


Chat via app, email, push notification all happens in one place. Need to communicate to a specific class or group just push the button, want to speak to one person, open chat! Owner app for ipad and phone as well as desktop SAAS solution puts you directly into each clients pocket directly through the client APP


While our backend systems are complex and capture detailed data, the frontend is simple, sophisticated and easy user friendly.

Online Payments




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On- Demand Video

Action Plan













Bookings Appointments, Classes & Courses


Staff Management

Personal Growth

Client Profile Managment










Brand Development

Tasks, Reminders, Contact logs

Smryt is more than just website development and SAAS

Business Management Software Included

We are primarily a consultancy company delivering business operational solutions through software and 30 years of experience. Understanding the tools that are available is one thing, putting them into practice another however developing a long term strategy with effective planning and execution is where we excel.

Time to GET Smryt

Simplicity where it is needed most

The complication is in obtaining simplicity.


We manage that part providing you with a turnkey solution taking the clients journey through your operation effectively and providing you with the tools.... simplified in-order to deliver the expected world class service.


At the end of the day isn't that what is is all about.

Time to BE Smryt

Working for you 24/7

Failing to plan is planning to fail.


For this reason our business consultancy arm provides effective yearly plans and built infrastructure ensuring a turnkey solution to your organisation. Our interest in your success impacts directly on our bottom line*, partners all the way

*Business Consultancy carries additional fees, enquire about this additional service

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