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Welcome to Smryt

Welcome to SMRYT! We are truly excited to have you onboard. Thank you for choosing to use our services.


15 year of experience in the industry we know we can provide a solution you are going to love and appreciate!!


Below we have listed  our services. These are necessary to make our services possible and more enjoyable for everyone. SMRYT offers a wide range of services, some of the items below might not be relevant to your specific service that you use.

If you have any concerns, queries or suggestions please email

  1. Introduction

    1. Our service offering includes a bespoke website designed utilizing your Corporate Identity that is provided to us. We may from time-to-time request feedback or assistance obtaining pantones, hex, logos, fonts or anything of this nature that is required to build you a professional product

    2. A vast amount of time is spent ensuring the “look and feel” meets our standard. This is completed as our first task and any changes will result in additional fees being charged

    3. Designing a website is one thing, making sure it isn’t lost on the world wide web and that people can actually find you is another and lastly ensuring that your website isn’t just an overly populated billboard that no one actually bothers to look at but turning it into a revenue producing extension of your business is where we come in and what SMRYT is all about!

    4. We do not sell our management system websites, the service provided to you is SAAS


  1. Configuration

    1. Software as a service requires your businesses operations to be built into a fully functional infrastructure, for this reason we will send you a “site setup config document” that we require in-order to design and develop this product for you.



  1. User Account

    1. You will be given access to the hosted wix portal where your software sits, your access will be noted as Studio Owner and your access will give you permission to operate, administer and run your business. It will not give you access to the development element. The actions and permissions that are available to you will ensure you can perform all the associated tasks that the software provides in-order to run a successful operation. These tasks include but not limited to:

      1. Full payment Integration

      2. Booking Services

      3. Booking Calendar

      4. Staff Profiles

      5. Event Management

        1. Online ticket sales

      6. Gift Cards

        1. Settings

        2. Sales

        3. Redemption

      7. Pricing Plan Management

      8. Subscription Sales Management

      9. Client CRM

      10. Online Store

        1. Product Management

        2. Inventory Management

        3. Orders

        4. Abandoned cart management

      11. Communication (inbox, chat and message)

      12. Automations (we bespoke configure this for your – please don’t adjust without consulting us!)

      13. Forms & Submissions (some prebuilt – more available for you to use- consult with us)

      14. Community management

      15. Forum’s creation

      16. Blogs

      17. Online Programming

      18. Video

        1. Hosting

        2. Sales

        3. Subscription

      19. Workflows (business consulting add – on required)

      20. Tasks & Reminders

      21. Site Members profiles

      22. Marketing and SEO

        1. Email marketing

        2. Facebook & Instagram Ads

        3. Google My Business

        4. Reserve with google*

        5. Social Posts

        6. Video Maker

        7. Coupons

        8. Marketing Intergrations

      23. Analytics and Reporting

        1. Site traffic overview

        2. Sales Overview

        3. People Overview

        4. Reports – customize and get them delivered daily to your inbox

        5. Insights

        6. Alerts

      24. Financial          

        1. Invoices


        3. Payments

        4. Recurring Invoices

      25. Channel

        1. Website

        2. Generic App

        3. Branded APP* additional monthly fee and yearly fees to app stores

      26. Web APPS

        1. Something not listed – reach out to us so we can access if there is a app add on for that!

      27. Facebook Shop

      28. Instagram Shop

      29. Ambassador Management

      30. Analytics Add-ons*



  1. Staff User Accounts

    1. Permission roles linked to staffing profile is available and configured by us ensuring they have the associated access to limit site access but give them usage as per their requirements. In certain instances, permissions and role association are linked so you might not get exactly what you are looking for!!




  1. Intellectual Property

    1. As between SMRYT and you, you shall own all property pertaining to your members content including contacts and pricing plans as well as booking data. Furthermore, any materials provided to SMRYT by yourself such as your logo, videos, audio files and copyright images. SMRYT does not claim any ownership rights on this content.

    2. All intellectual property pertaining to site setup and configuration, design and development, code, purchased images and so-forth are owned by us. Such license is granted to you as a service accessible by yourself and font end by your clients.

    3. You know and consent that in order for consumers to access such content provided by yourself and/or developed by ourselves they will be uploaded to the wix platform which includes the cloud services and shall be accessible via the internet.

    4. WIX hosts such site and built infrastructure and any downtime you do not have any claim against SMRYT. Should a claim be available to be lodge it will be logged on your behalf with WIX


  1. Service Fees

    1. Paid Services

      1. The use of SMRYT services includes the design and development, site setup and business manager configuration as well as the add on apps available via the platform* SOME APPS CARRY ADDITIONAL FEES

      2. The service is provided as a turnkey solution to you and such service includes:

        1. Website Design & Development

        2. Pricing plans configuration & education

        3. Booking Service Configuration & education

        4. Staff Configuration & education

        5. Calendar Configuration & education

        6. Event Configuration & education

        7. Basic Google SEO

        8. Page labeling

        9. Support suite

        10. Domain Pointing connection /hosting or name server updates ( we are not responsible for downtime on any servers)

        11. Automation Creation

        12. Liability & Forms

        13. Email marketing Integration

        14. CRM tools

        15. Education on operations for 1 person* (additional fees apply for additional staff training)

        16. Generic App for clients

        17. Branded APP *additional fees both monthly, publishing on the app stores as well as app store yearly hosting fees

        18. WIX Owner APP for staff and the business

      3. Furthermore we recommend hosting your domain and email with us* ADDITIONAL FEES DO APPLY. These fees include the yearly domain registration fees as well as month hosting fees depending on the size of the mail box provision. Our rate are much the same as other roiders, we just recommend you do this with us due to the e-commerce aspect running through your website and any movement to other hosting companies could result in full downtime as long as two weeks. Please enquire further about this service. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DOWNTIME WITH WEBSITE HOSTING WETHER WITH US OR ANOTHER SERVICE PROVIDER. OUR HOSTING IS WITH XNEELO AND KONSOLEH SHOULD YOU WISH TO QUERY PRICING. WE HAVE A DEDICATED SERVER THAT WE PAY FOR TO ENSURE WE ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE THIS SERVICE TO YOU.





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